The use of technology in distance learning or totally online aims to offer a complete, dynamic and efficient learning process.

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Diploma issued and valid internationally. We have online classrooms and a virtual learning environment. Our online system is a strong support for the study.

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04 Nov
De Monteiro para o mundo: empresário apresenta empresas na maior exposição do mundo em Dubai

O empresário Alcimar Martins, nascido em Monteiro, no Cariri paraibano, foi um dos destaques na Expo 2020 em Dubai, nos Emirados Árabes. Atualmente liderando um conglomerado de empresas do setor ...

16 Aug
Centro de Ensino a distância de João Pessoa oferece espaço para publicação gratuita de textos em revista científica estrangeira

A instituição americana Ivy Enber Christian University está lançando uma revista científica internacional e está recebendo textos do mundo todo em inglês, português e outros idiomas. A publicação terá fluxo contínuo e, ...

21 Oct
5 tips to help small businesses win digitally

Even with the many advantages brought by the advance of innovation, starting a business from scratch remains a daunting task! The internet has brought many opportunities, but anyone who does ...


Frequently Asked Questions

No. Although there is no legal determination that prohibits face-to-face activity in Brazil, CAPES advises that such a practice should not be carried out. As the work parameters of our institution are completely aligned with the constituted authorities, we DO NOT carry out, or authorize under any circumstances, face-to-face activities of our Courses on Brazilian soil.. On the other hand, it is important to note that the CNE has already positively positioned itself in favor of the on-site foreign education activity in Brazil through the PARECER CNE/CEB Nº: 23/2009 Homologated (Minister’s Order, published in the D.O.U. de 15/3/2010, Seção 1, Pág. 9.) Main text: “Continuar funcionando como uma escola norte-americana em território brasileiro. Assim, deve seguir a legislação comercial, trabalhista e tributária brasileira, normalmente, como qualquer organização empresarial que preste serviços educacionais. Perante o sistema educacional brasileiro, entretanto, não mantém nenhuma ligação e funciona como curso livre. Como tal, funciona a latere do sistema educacional do País. Seus alunos, caso desejem continuar estudos em estabelecimentos educacionais brasileiros, terão seus estudos previamente regularizados perante os respectivos órgãos dos sistemas de ensino no Brasil”.

No. Enber is an American university, registered with the Florida Department of Education through the Independent Education Commission. Legislation: Section 1005.06 (1) (f), Florida Statutes / Rule 6E-5.001, FL Administrative Code, Commission for Independent Education. We are a duly legalized University and listed on the Florida Board of Education Universities Roll.

No. Such an act is considered “cashing-in” and is extremely immoral, since a manufacturer of a University is a taster of Intellectual Capital and contributes to the educational progress defined in its main proposals. Note: Make no mistake, institutions that promise to deliver a recognized or revalidated document are immoral and most of the time they deceive their students. Choose institutions that are committed to ethics and the truth.

No foreign university has or will be obliged to revalidate any degrees in Brazil or in any other countries. The same handing over all the documentation due to the student after completing the course and obtaining legal status in their country of origin is no longer required to do so. LDB says it is the student’s right to seek revalidation of their diploma. There is no other party responsible for this process. If the student wishes, he can hire consultancy to assist him in the process.

All stricto sensu undergraduate and postgraduate diplomas (master’s and doctoral degrees), obtained abroad, must be recognized by regularly accredited Brazilian universities that have knowledge courses.

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