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About Ivy Enber Christian University

Ivy Enber Christian University is headquartered in the city of Orlando, Florida. The basic principle of the university is to provide quality education, with ethics and humanistic values, with a fair investment for its students.

With an innovative methodology, Enber University is an institution ahead of its time. With a 100% virtual infrastructure and academic materials, the institution allows anyone anywhere in the world to have access to quality education through the internet.

Initially, Enber University focuses its efforts on promoting better teacher training around the world. With the initial offer of postgraduate Stricto Sensu Master and Doctorate courses in the area of Education and Theology

Enber regularity in the USA

Promote the dissemination of knowledge and science with quality, ethical and humanistic education.

The vision of Enber University is that education has the power to transform people and provide a more just and equitable society and for these purposes seeks to outline its activities

  • Promote ethical, humanistic and quality education to its students;
  • Respect for difference is a fundamental principle of the activities performed by the Enber University;
  • Contribute to building a fairer and more equitable society.

Certified by Cartório Brasil

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