International Doctorade in Education

Total credits

36 credits

Class-hours / Duration

450 hours / 4 years


Monthly opening of new classes

Program of Studies

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The courses offered by ENBER UNIVERSITY are made available to students 100% in a virtual environment. With that, students can take courses wherever they want. To guarantee effective and quality learning, ENBER UNIVERSITY has developed a modern virtual learning environment with several tools that seek to ensure quality teaching for its students.

During the course, video classes produced by professors with doctorates and post-doctorates will be made available at the most prestigious universities in the United States, Brazil and other countries. In addition, our faculty is made up of professionals with extensive teaching experience in postgraduate programs who collectively planned and designed courses to ensure the best teaching for students.

In addition to video classes, students will have access to several multimedia tools developed to facilitate the teaching and learning process exclusively for ENBER UNIVERSITY students. And throughout the courses, students will be accompanied by tutors who will be on hand to help with any questions that may arise. After taking the disciplines of the chosen course, students will have a team of teachers available for guidance for the preparation of their dissertations and theses. Upon approval, the student will be provided with a Diploma issued by the Florida Department of Education in the United States. Registered and recognized by the United States Government and valid in more than 100 signatory countries of the Hague Apostille, including Brazil.

Doctorate (from the Latin doctoratus), is an academic degree granted by Universities, being, in most countries, a research degree that qualifies the holder to teach at university level in the field of studies studied, or to work in a specific profession.
Enber University offers PhD courses in Education and Theology lasting 48 months.

Note: In Brazil and other countries, the name given to the conclusion of a Master’s degree is “dissertation” and the Doctorate, “thesis”. However, these terms differ from those used in the American education system. The “dissertation” is the thesis and the “thesis” is the dissertation. We kept the terms used in countries in South America; in this way, the dissertation is understood as the conclusion work of a Master’s degree and the Thesis, the conclusion work of a Doctorate (PhD)

Program of Studies

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Research lines

Basic education policies

It covers studies and research on educational policies such as: Education in the context of transformations in contemporary society; the relationship between State and educational policies; the policies, structure and organization of school education in Brazil since the 1990s; the regulation of the educational system and basic education; the National Education Plan; basic education management, evaluation and financing policies.

Educational Inclusion in Basic Education

It covers studies and research on inclusion and special education such as: Paradigm of Educational Inclusion. School inclusion and rights. Constitution of proposals for inclusive education and schooling for people with disabilities, at different historical moments. Inclusion and professional qualification. Conceptualization of special educational needs. Inclusion of people with special educational needs in regular classes.

Basic Education Methodologies and Practices

It covers studies and research on the organization and pedagogical work at school, such as: Organization of educational times and spaces as a cultural artifact that generates knowledge. The school-teacher-knowledge relationship. The construction of the Political Pedagogical Project and its dimensions: management, curriculum, evaluation and planning.

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